Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, and All That

A picture is worth a thousand words, and all that. I prefer visuals. I adore picture books, and images from movies will haunt me in ways that the written word will not. I am capable and even good at following written instructions, but show me once how to do a thing, and I've got it.

If you ask me a question, I can talk with you for ages. (And I'll be sketching images in the air with my hands the whole time.) However, with the exception of poetry, writing is not something I really enjoy. It's a necessary thing, but I don't get excited about writing up a thought and exploring where it will go the way I get excited about making an art idea come to life. I become nearly obsessive till I've seen an artistic idea through.

So with that preamble, I offer you more photographic self-portraits:

Fuzzy Thinking

Holding On

Buried Deep

I'm Not Drowning

Hot & Bothered

Looking For God in All the Wrong Places

Bit of an Imp


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