Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early Snow: Late October Drive to the Cog Railway

We were on a mission.

About six weeks ago, I met a group of sisters at our museum in Maine who are running a marathon in every state. As they visit the states they collect those flattened pennies with engraved images on them. They'd just run a marathon in NH, but had been unable to find the highly elusive penny smashing machine there. They were despondent. (Well, they were a little sad.) I told them I knew there was one at the Cog Railway at the base of Mount Washington. Their schedule was so tight before flying back to California, what with running marathons and all, they wouldn't be able to get there. So I volunteered to save the day!

In my mind, the Cog Railway was just a hop, skip and a jump from Jackson. No problem. We decided to go on Friday and make a morning of it!

Here's the thing: I need new tires. Being the practical sort, I don't usually put these kinds of things off. However, I figured it's almost time to have the snow tires put on, so I’ll just get the new all-weather tires in the spring. I almost called Bucky, our crack mechanic, to switch the tires before we left home. But hey! Who expects snow in October, right?

It snowed overnight Thursday and we got maybe an inch. That's the big lead-up, but nothing bad or even funny happened. I was just, umm, a bit nervous on the windy roads, and had to grab the Jesus! handle a couple of times as Bill rounded some hairy curves. And, by Gawd we gut us some smashed pennies for the ladies in CA!

Most of the pictures below were an experiment in shooting out the windows of a moving car. We didn't want to stop. Bald tires aren't too good when the roads are slick. Just sayin'.

Up Route 302 from Jackson, NH to the base of Mount Washington

Storm Clouds

Headin' on Down the Road


Rough Terrain

Heavy Clouds

From the Cog Railway Base looking Southwest.
Mount Washington is behind me.

Mount Washington

The Mount Washington Hotel

Other Presidential Peaks (Monroe & Pierce?)

Smashed Pennies on New Hampshire Atlas & Gazetteer

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