Friday, January 20, 2012

Worthy Women - More Orphan Photographs

"Cordelia & Lydia Understand the Power of a Well Aimed Rake"

I call myself a Feminist. I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women everywhere. I also believe that women and men have different ways of being in the world. I don't know if that is due to biology or culture or a combination of the two. However, for women to be equal we must have our perspectives respected, and seen as valid in the world of work and relationships. We needn't strive to be more like men, but to stand up for the value of being women.

I enjoy how we women relate to each other; talk, talk, talk to figure things out. Play and laugh and relax together in companionship. Feelings running wide and deep, that's us!

These women have been captured on film at a single moment in their lives. I've never met any of them, yet I know them.

"Cinderella, You Ain't"

"Daddy's Always In My Head"

"Daddy's Always In My Head" (detail)

"I'm Just SO Excited!"

"Now Shirley, Is That Nice?"

"What Do You Mean, 'It's Creepy'?" 

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

"Never Can Say Goodbye"

"Myrtle & Alice Mae Horse Around As Goldie Looks On"

"I Demand To Be Taken Seriously"

"I Demand To Be Taken Seriously" (detail)

"Don't Ask"

"Don't Tell"

"I'll Just Be a Minute"

"Afternoon Delight"

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