Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I bought some horns, and it's brought out "The Devil in Me".

The Devil In Me I
The Devil In Me II

The Devil That You Know

Eye of the Devil


Negative Devil In Me

Angelic Devil

Devil Down Below

Devil's Lightening

I'm just beginning to think about why I am suddenly creating a series of self-portraits. It's never been anything I've been interested in doing up until now. At a time in my life when I feel about as unattractive as I ever have, it's an odd impulse.

When I Am An Old Woman I Shall BE Purple


Kathy B said...

I particularly like the one that is a negative. No wonder Bill needs therapy! LOL

Onelouder said...

These are pretty cool. Interesting that your self reflection should manifest in such demonic fashion. I'm looking forward to seeing which direction you are led in next.

Michelle said...

I've always been a bit of an imp, so the devil thing isn't much of a stretch. Also, I try not to take myself too seriously.

Ali said...

I think I had dinner recently with the Devil That You Know. She almost made me pee my pants when she was talking about that squirrel.