Friday, June 29, 2007


Dreams inform my art; Sleep-dreaming, Day-dreaming, Hope-dreaming. Images come to or through my mind, and demand to be made visible. I once had a dream of an egg on a kitchen counter. Not a chicken egg, some other bird egg I didn't recognize. The image was like a minimalist painting - haunting in its simplicity. When more complex dreams faded from memory, the egg dream stayed vivid. I painted it. Finally, in a book I saw it - the egg . It was a crow's egg, and having identified it, I could try to interpret its meaning.

I think my dreaming mind is a combination of random images from the day and symbols that have meaning in my life. Interpreting a dream is a way for me to pay attention to parts of my life I may have been consciously and unconsciously avoiding. I know when I've gotten it right when I feel the Yes! When I hit it, I know. Often I will wake up with a solution to a problem that has been nagging at me. When I say, "Let me sleep on it." I really do need to sleep on it!

Dreams can lift me from the ordinary. Whether I awake with an intense image or feeling, find myself floating on a daydream, or am imagining a different future - my spirit is transported from the mundane to a place of infinite possibility.

Do you feel this way, too? Do you put it to paper - in words or images? Can we transcend the everyday with our dreams? Tell me what you think.

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